basis of creation

If by the Son or the Word of God we understand concretely Jesus, the Christ, and therefore very God and very man, as He existed in the counsel of God from all eternity and before creation, we can see how far it was not only appropriate and worthy but necessary that God should be the Creator.

If this was God’s eternal counsel in the freedom of His love, the counsel actualised in the manger of Bethlehem, the cross of Calvary and the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, it was not merely possible but essential for God to be the Creater.

The fact that God has regard to His Son -the Son of Man, the Word made flesh- is the true and genuine basis of creation.

To be sure there was no other necessity than that of His own free love.

But a genuine necessity is constituted by the fact from all eternity He willed so to love the world, and did so love it, that He gave His only begotten Son(Jn. 3:16) .