Maybe Nobody Sees Like I Do

Maybe Nobody Sees Like I Do
Shinri Nomachi(When I was 19 as a Student of the Kochi National College of Tech.)
 Friends! First of all, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Shinri Nomahci. Ever since I was a little kid, I have always dreamed of a lot of things. I’ve been in Kochi since I was born. I’m a student of the Kochi National College of Technology. I’m in the fourth grade of the electrical engineering course.
 I have a lot of hobbies. Listening to music, taking picture, seeing movies, going fishing, climbing mountains, reading books, and I’m crazy about rock music. I like best the songs of Corey Hart, Sting, The Beatles and so on.
 My favorite colors are blue and green. There are four people in my family; father, mother, an younger sister and me. I belong to Karate club in my college. I’m learning very much from Karate but I’m not articulate enough to explain it to anyone. I’m also good at swimming, so in summer I go to the river and sea.
Last year I got a driver’s license. But I don’t have a car. It must be difficult to get used to driving through all the narrow streets. But I want to enjoy driving long distances with the stereo audio system on and window open when it is warm.
The Kagami River flows through the city of Kochi. This is the river where I usually go swimming and fishing. A big rock which is called “The Monster Rock” is in the river, and deep water whose color is dark green is under the rock. It is filled with clear water. The view from the top of the rock is wonderful. Sometimes I jump into the deep water and swim. I want to preserve nature like this forever.
In Japan we have four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. I like all the seasons, but I like summer best of all. We have a little snow in Kochi, where I live, but have a lot of rain, and honest winter as a rule, doesn’t settle on our part of the country till late December. Spring and Fall are our leisure seasons, and many people go out to the fields or mountains. Spring is a beautiful season. Everything is in bloom and all the planets begin to bud. In summer the land is green and full of color. Everything is growing rapidly. In summer vacation we have Yosakoi Festival, one of the famous summer festivals. In autumn it is wonderful to see leaves turning yellow and red. I like the clear and cool air of autumn.
Looking back at the things last year, I see a lot happened around me. This year I want to keep company with more friends. And I want to correspond with a pen pal abroad, because I want to expand my English vocabulary. Maybe, there are some awkward expressions in my composition. But I’m not afraid of making mistakes.
I stood before the morning’s light and asked myself “Am I trapped again?”. I know there’s something trapped in me. There is no easy way out for my wants. I have always felt that I had to produce confidence in myself. A million dreams won’t set you free. Give you pain and never feed your hunger. Behind the clouds the sun is shining’. I don’t want to lose myself.
Maybe nobody sees like I do. And maybe somebody wants me to paint the sky blue. But I don’t really care, at least not today. Because today was the start of another day. Gee! My eyes can see a world that shines and maybe I’m a drifter. But I’d rather be that than to fall in line.
By the way, people assess qualities by their value to themselves. I’m thinking about the meaning of life. A wise man said “You only have one life to live, so use it well.” Human beings tend to fall into idleness. Life can be quite complex at times. Someone says “You became an adult when you stopped caring what other people thought about you and started to care what you thought about them.” Life abounds in a variety of temptations. I want to make meaningful use of my time. It’s relaxing to get away form the city and have contact with nature. I haven’t yet demonstrated 100% of my personal ability. I reflect calmly on my inner self. It’s better to live and die with a fixed objective. Once the wind’s direction becomes fixed, I’ll be off.


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