The grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of our God stands forever.
NIV Isaiah 40:8

The Gospel of Jesus Christ


Since Mar. 11, 2000

Have you heard of the FOUR Spiritual Laws?

@My name is Shinri Nomachi. I'm an evangelist in Japan. I belong@to Sugito Christ Church.

@Gospel means the good news from God of Gospel(God-spell). What's so amazing about grace? You know, the song called "Amazing Grace" has this sound! To sing Gospel songs, the secret is to taste the wonderful Gospel by yourself.
@It is difficult to express the message abundantly. But I'm trying to do it. I'm still looking for the best expressions of "The Gospel of Jesus Christ". So, I will renew this page at any time. I'm waiting for your response and questions by E-mail!

@I hope and pray for you will taste "The Gospel of Jesus@Christ"abundantly ! May God bless you lots & lots !

In Christ,
Shinri Nomachi

The Gospel of Jesus Christ


A graduation thesis of Tokai Theological Seminary in 1999
The Christ-centric understanding of
gTheology of the Pain of Godh
|Seeking positive meaning of the pain in Christian life|

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